About us

Sunsets and Waterfalls (S&W) is a transformational platform that believes the stories of women, children and South African families are the answers to our generational outcry. Established in 2020 and based in Cape Town, South Africa, we firmly believe that unity, vision and exposure are the change catalysts that will propel our nation forward.

Lionhearted, bold and authentic, S&W is never afraid to speak our truth and we allow others to speak theirs. We thrive on honest, open and challenging conversations in order to learn, heal and restore the human race. Unity is at the centre of everything we aim to do; with this diverse platform we seek to resonate with every story and with every heart, regardless of colour, creed, gender or age.

When hearts unite, mountains move!

Meet the Founders

Cindy Jacobs


A former passionate teacher, Cindy has an innate gift of love, service and empowerment to help others discover their highest version of themselves. Despite the comfortability and peace of her own journey, her deep love for her fellow man has always taken precedence and the well-being of others was close to her heart’s assignment.

“At the core of the global unprecedented pandemic, I observed that thousands of women and children were in dire need of help. I believe that South Africa is in the process of restructuring, refining and restoring the soul of this nation. Therefore, it is vital for us to journey alongside the women and children by becoming available to listen to their stories, in order to understand their behavioural patterns. To an even greater extent, it is imperative that we understand the value and power of the father-role in family life. This is an important segment to focus on in order for an effective, progressive and sustainable change to occur.

“Through community engagements, workshops, seminars, tours and gatherings, I will tackle topics using an assortment of learning styles to create an inclusive and connecting experience with the target audience. This is to ensure we bring a sense of eloquence and lightness to the topic of women and children’s scars that lie deep beneath the surface of their beauty.

“Women are natural-born nurturers and determined individuals who make remarkable things happen! I firmly believe that my vision for a better country for all citizens lies in the voices of our women and children. When you empower a woman, you are empowering an individual to contribute successfully as a better mother, wife, sister, businesswoman, teacher, friend and citizen to the world.”

Toni Erasmus


An African enthusiast with a love for storytelling and critical thinking, Toni is a Public Relations Practitioner and a passionate ‘Womentrepreneur’.

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a deeply curious spirit with a knack for learning, always wanting to know more as well as a keen interest in discovering the hidden treasures of life. Today, things are not much different; I observe everything and absolutely love life within the mind, unpacking cultures and systems and floating away with endless imagination.

“My life’s vision is to be used as an instrument that will bring change to socio-economic issues throughout Africa. It breaks my heart to see the generational poverty and my people trapped in systems that hold them hostage and deprive them of a brighter future. I believe that Africa has a unique restoration story that is yet to be told and that in this season, it will be a woman’s story that will restore the dignity and riches of this land – gracefully and aggressively.”

With that being said, Toni believes that for us to overcome the many adversities we face, we must revert to our original intent, which is to live in community, value the importance of human connection and purposeful silence.

Partner with us

We believe in the power of community and collaboration! If you or your organisation resonate with our core vision and mission, feel free to move mountains with us!