Lighting up the world


When she was born in January 1996, her loving parents friend named her Cindy, meaning ‘light’. Her birth was an especially joyful occasion as their first-born daughter had passed away at 3 months. Cindy has always regarded her sister as her guardian angel, guiding her and helping her pursue uncharted territories with resilience and kindness.

At a very young age, Cindy had already embraced the gift of being an empath; even as a child, she loved serving others and listening to people’s life stories, absorbing the essence of their failures and successes. She emulated her mom, who was a born listener and always had time to listen to others’ stories. Her mom would prepare the food and Cindy would serve whoever was in need of a meal. She was particularly fond of their gardener, Smokey, who she often asked to sketch her, even if it was the same picture over and over. She would pester him with offers to help him in the garden and he would regale her with tales of his life while clutching a plastic bottle with his favourite drink.

Cindy was a free spirit who loved climbing trees and being involved in every sport imaginable. She trusted her heart and inner compass for guidance even though this very trait led to her slipping on the pavement one day while wearing her dad’s oversized slippers. A scar on her forehead bears testimony to this unfortunate event but she wears it proudly and unabashedly.

It was comforting growing up in a typical Coloured community where the famous adage was lived and felt: It takes a village to raise a child. As a young ‘brown-skinned girl’, Cindy
understood and appreciated the power of community and that together, people were stronger. It was quite extraordinary that the very house that her great grandparents had been evicted from due to the Group Areas Act many years ago, became their home,post-Apartheid. This home holds so many memories and experiences, as well as generational blessings; it is profound and almost predestined that Sunsets & Waterfalls was birthed here too!

Cindy is a real go-getter whose sleeves are always rolled up and ready to do the work! She learnt from her parents that hard work pays off and they remain her greatest inspiration today still. The values they instilled in her resonate deeply in her soul: ‘Do what you promised to do. Do good to others and you will be able to hold your head high because you are walking in truth.’
Her faith makes her believe in things that are unseen and she goes all-out to action ideas into reality! Kindness is her driving force in everything she does and she treasures
everything that is given to her.

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  1. Elroyd says:

    Congratulations 👏🏼
    May God continue to bestow His Blessings upon you and your family and may all your dreams and aspirations be realised.

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